Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Lost Kids

Shelly here!

So. I joined an art contest a couple of weeks ago. The challenge was to create artwork based on an upcoming graphic novel called "The Lost Kids" created by Felipe Cagno (you can check out their official website here and the creator's deviantArt account here). I decided to recreate one of the scenes from their screenplay and settled with the one where Kate catches JJ and Tommy kissing in the Four Seasons Forest.

Unfortunately, I didn't win but it was fun to get my creative juices flowing again after a long period of drought.

The Lost Kids is a passion project and I have a soft spot for people who dare to dream and make those dreams become a reality. Please support the creators by purchasing their artbook here.

This is a preview of one of the pages:

You could also support the project through non-monetary means such as spreading the word about The Lost Kids in your blogs or even creating fan art. Don't hesitate to send love their way as well!

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