Friday, August 20, 2010

Environment Shiz

It's Shelly reporting for blogging duty!

I realized that I don't make enough environments so a couple of days ago I started sketching one. I was inspired by some of the old adventure point and click games I used to play like Broken Sword, Torin's Passage, King's Quest and the like. Not sure if I will end up polishing this or not, it's meant to just be an exercise but I'll see where it goes. Here is the sketch as well as some color studies with some tweaks in the layout.

Rough sketch of the BG.

Was excited to slap some colors on so I did. As you can see the bed was removed and replaced with a chest.
Layout changed again. I'm thinking I like this one much better.
I suppose I will tighten this piece some more. Maybe even throw in a mock UI just for kicks?

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