Monday, September 5, 2011

World Racers

Check out some of the art we did for Inkstone's facebook game, "World Racers". It's a fun game where you play in teams, attempt to win the mini-games in different stages around the world (think "Amazing Race") while trying to sabotage your opponents' efforts by throwing obstacles their way!

See the images after the jump!

The following three images were part of a style pitch we did for them, but they weren't used in the final game:

These are some more concept art, this time of the hosts of "World Racers", Amy and Sterling:

Final designs for Sterling and Amy

Some more concept art defining the style for the game:

And now, the actual in-game art! Here are some of the different levels that you will play through in "World Racers":

"Fruit Frenzy" mini-game

 "Museum Run" mini-game

"Window Wash" mini-game

"Streets of New York" mini-game

In-game map

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